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Hardware and Accessories

Hardware and Accessories

SKU: V860001

  • Educate your customers on the ABCs of Fall Protection:
    • Anchorage
    • Body Support
    • Connecting Means
  • Eye catching innovative display maximizes sales and profit
  • Fully customizable to meet the needs of your industry
  • Designed for use on floor, peg board, or slat wall
  • Includes 25 “Know Your ABCs Fall Protection Guide”
  • Hardware included and easy to set up
  • Total dimensions are 60" length x 47" width

California Residents - Proposition 65 Warning

Product No. Model no. Product Name
V860001 BAG-001 Large Mesh Harness Bag 15" x 12" (38cm x 31cm)
V860004 BAG-004 PeakWorks Carrying Bag 10" x 12" x 12" (25cm x 31cm x 31cm)
V860005 BAG-005 Tripod Carrying Bag for TR-100 10" x 58" x 10" (147cm x 25cm x 25cm)
V860006* BAG-006 Premium Tripod Carrying Bag for TR-100 15" x 60" (38cm x 152cm)
V860402 RFID-1 RFID Pouch with Grommet
V860901 MERCH. TORSO Merchandising Torso for Harness
V860120 CP-03015-1 Carabiner 1" (25mm) CSA CE
V860121 CP-03015-2 Carabiner 3/4" (19mm) CSA for CG-9001 & SRL-10301-8
V860130 CP-04011-1 Carabiner 2" (50mm) CSA for Scaffolding
V860153 CP-41210-3 Tripod Pulley
V860904 ABC-DISPLAY ABC Display designed for use on floor, peg board or slot wall, fully customizable

* Not available in Canada

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