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Our Story

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From its inception in 2008, PeakWorks has been passionate about providing workers peace of mind when working at heights. The PeakWorks founders, with over 50 years of fall protection experience between them, set out to build a company that not only offered an industry-leading product line, but also provided their customers with value-added services supplying real solutions for both workers and the companies employing them. Today, as an integral part of our SureWerx family of brands, we embrace those same principles. We know that the best fall protection is to eliminate the fall hazard in the first place. However, we also know that life doesn't always work that way. Our single goal, then, remains very simple: to ensure the best possible outcome when the unexpected occurs.

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PeakWorks Knows Fall Protection

PeakWorks Embraces Industry Standards

Our in-house fall protection experts are driven to provide the best possible products and systems to ensure maximum worker safety. Like you, we live and work in North America, and we are intimately knowledgeable about the strict regulations imposed in this country, which has the highest standards in the world. In fact, we are so dedicated to the advancement of worker safety that our fall protection experts are active members of both the CSA and ANSI standards committees. Not only do we adhere to these standards, we help to develop them!

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