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Compliance Kit

Compliance Kit

SKU: V8252366

The PeakWorks® Compliance Kit includes an all-in-one harness and shock-absorbing lanyard. The full-body harness features three points of adjustment for ultra-lightweight comfort. Quick-connect pass-thru buckles, located on the chest and legs, make it easy for donning. All of the PeakWorks harnesses include fall indicators for ease of inspection and two lanyard parks for easy and safe storage. The shock-absorbing lanyard is certified to the newest ANSI standards. The shock-absorbing lanyard is permanently attached to the rear dorsal D-ring for simplicity. The lanyard is comprised of “tear webbing”, which will significantly limit and reduce the force of a fall on a worker.


California Residents - Proposition 65 Warning

Model 4400-BA1CKTS

Description Compliance Harness Permanently Affixed Shock Pack Lanyard
  • Class A harness
  • Three-point adjustable pass-thru buckles
  • Single leg, tear pack
  • One double-locking snap hook— permanently attached
  • Polyester webbing
  • Steel buckles
  • 1" polyester webbing
  • 3/4" gate opening, steel snap hook
  • OSHA
  • Certified to ANSI Z359.11
  • Certified to CSA Z259.10
  • OSHA
  • Certified to ANSI Z359.13
Size Universal 6' (1.8m) length
Operating Temperature -31°F to 95°F (-35°C to 35°C) -31°F to 95°F (-35°C to 35°C)
Max Working Load
  • 130 to 310 lbs. (60 to 141kg)
  • Single person use only
  • 130 to 310 lbs. (60 to 141kg)
  • Single person use only


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