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SKU: V865192

The CableGrab™ is a detachable sliding device which moves freely up or down hands free on the 3/8" galvanized steel cable. When the upward force is removed, the CableGrab device automatically locks at any point on the cable. The instantaneous locking is achieved through an effective cam-locking system. The system includes a double-locking carabiner which is to be used when securing the CableGrab™ device to the climber’s full body harness.


  • The CableGrab™ glides freely up or down the cable as the worker climbs
  • Dual independent cams designed to immediately lock on to the cable and arrest the fall. The CableGrab™ will remain locked until the worker can step back onto the ladder or be rescued
  • Easy to install and detach anywhere along the cable
  • Intended for use on 3/8" diameter solid core cable system
  • Intended for use with a 2" self-locking carabiner and attached to a front D-ring full-body harness
  • Maximum length of the connector to the wire grab from the harness should not exceed 9'
  • 2.75 lbs lightweight construction


California Residents - Proposition 65 Warning

Product No. Designed Working Load Dimensions
V865192 310 lbs. 5" x 8" x 2.5"


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